Swift Customs Declarations Services

We provide software to assist with customs declarations.

Brexit has resulted in increased complexity in customs processing

We will manage all the complexity and simplify the process…

Platform Intro

Customs-Declarations.UK Solution Intro Video

This is a quick demo of some of the key features of the Customs-Declarations.UK platform. Please get in touch with us today for a LIVE-Demo.

Quick Guide

Submitting an Import Declaration on Customs Declarations UK Platform

This is a quick demo on how to submit an import declaration on Customs Declarations UK Platform.

Our goal:

“Enabling frictionless customs declarations”

Optimal solutions to file customs declarations post-Brexit

Customs-Declarations helps you manage the complexity of the import/export process after Brexit. The cloud-based, self-service platform provides step-by-step assistance throughout the customs filing process. The portal is easy-to-use, intuitive, and user-friendly, having built-in wizards to guide you interactively. Customs-Declarations is a cost-effective solution while saving time and automating the overall workflow.

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How we can help you?

We provide you the necessary tools and systems to enable seamless filing!

Customs-Declarations platform helps you bring efficiency to the process so that you can focus on the core business rather than being engulfed in complex documentation. Following are some of the key features of the solution:

  • Complete control of import/export process
  • Wizards to guide you through the declarations
  • Templates for easier and quicker data entry
  • Save costs, file your own import/export declarations
  • A secure, faster, easier, and reliable way to submit the declarations
  • Implemented in consultation with HMRC
  • Export your declaration easily
  • Help & support throughout the onboarding process

Implemented with the help from HMRC

The Customs-Declarations platform has been designed and developed in close coordination and support from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). HMRC has provided us with valuable feedback, process guidelines, and suggestions for improvements that have helped us further fine-tune the end-to-end filing process.

Wizards to Guide You Across the Process

The platform helps you with intuitive and interactive wizards during the filing process; based on the consignment’s requirements and inputs, the wizards will help you throughout the filing process.

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Easy to Use Built-In Templates

Customs-Declarations comes with several built-in templates to speed-up the customs filing process. Easy-to-use templates come with instructions to help quickly furnish the required info and generate the required documents accordingly

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Complete Control of Submission Process

Customs-Declarations provides you with complete control of the declarations process, starting from creating a new declaration to automated submissions to HMRC, all via easy to manage interface.

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