Dilligas Distribution Uses Customs-Declarations.UK Platform for Seamless Filing

avatar Name: Micky McDonald
Designation: Director of Business Development
Company Name: Dilligas Distribution Ltd.

I was dreading the prospect of having to deal with the complicated matter of “customs clearance” The onboarding experience with Jawahir put me at ease immediately and he was extremely helpful in focussing only on what was necessary for my type of business. He took time to fully understand my business and went above and beyond in making sure he knew my product and which category was appropriate for the purposes of customs clearance. Once Jawahir understood my products and business, he then went on to explain the process of making a declaration on the CDS demo site. So many of the categories, and parts of the declaration form are irrelevant to my business, and Jawahir made sure that we focussed only on the relevant parts. From that point the process was smooth and “painless”.
Screen sharing was an integral part of my learning. I was able to follow the process and watch exactly how to complete the different pages of the CDS demo form. He made sure I fully understood each page before moving on to the next. Jawahir also used screen sharing in order to “coach” me making my first proper declaration. He has the patience of a saint!

I am amazed at how simple and easy the platform is to use. Initially it appears very complicated, but I understand that it is only this way because of the millions of different businesses that need to use the same platform. I truly am in awe of the skills as a software company that Customs Declarations UK and Jawahir has in making the platform very easy to use for such a huge range of companies. I am a sales and marketing guy and have been able to use the platform very successfully. 

I found that the main goal of Customs Declarations UK is to help people. Jawahir spent as much time helping me as was necessary and did not limit our conversations to a fixed time. The cost/benefit that his company has provided to mine is extraordinary and I cannot recommend them highly enough.