Certainly, our platform facilitates import declarations. Additionally, it is integrated with leading Community Service Providers (CSP), such as MCP, CNS, and CCS-UK.

Certainly, our platform is equipped to handle export declarations for both inventory and non-inventory linked locations.

For import declarations involving inventory-linked ports, obtaining badges from Community Service Providers (CSP) is required, which will incur an additional fee. However, our system does not charge any extra fees for badge usage. On the other hand, badges are not necessary for export declarations.

At present, our services are limited to declarations via the Customs Declaration Service (CDS). We recommend consulting with a customs specialist for further guidance.

Upon registering on the Customs-Declarations website, your account becomes active instantly.

This service is a cloud-based, annual subscription that offers monthly payment options, tailored according to usage. We provide a variety of subscription plans, allowing you to select the one that best meets your requirements.
When you subscribe to one of our plans, should you choose to stop using the platform, you have the option to cancel your subscription by providing a three-month notice in advance.
The platform is equipped with intuitive wizards, templates, guides, and a range of tools, along with a sophisticated processing engine, designed to support you at every stage of your customs filing process.
The development of our platform was conducted in consultation with HMRC, ensuring it meets all relevant standards, rules, and principles. Overall, it complies with the major standards that are prevalent in the industry.
Indeed, we offer thorough technical support through multiple channels. Additionally, we deliver in-depth assistance to our clients during the onboarding process.
The extent of support we can provide is tailored to your specific needs. Should you need customisation services, improvements to your workflow, or additional support tools, please reach out to us through our contact form.