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UK-EU Rules of Origin

A quick guide to UK-EU rules of origin for traders and its post-Brexit implications on customs declaration processing

Introduction To qualify for preferential tariff treatment under the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA), post-Brexit, businesses must demonstrate the origin of goods traded with the European Union (EU). If goods do not match the origin standards, they will not be eligible for preferential treatment and will be subject to customs taxes (tariffs). To take [...]

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Guide to Incoterms

Guide to Incoterms: An informative blog on the most important elements of international trade

Introduction Incoterms is an abbreviation for International Commercial Terms. It is a contract that defines the responsibilities of sellers and buyers in international trading and business transactions for the sale/purchase of goods. Businesses all over the world have adopted Incoterms as a standard method of transacting. These rules are universally recognised by governments and legal [...]

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Transitioning to HMRC’s New Customs Platform: Customs Declaration Service (CDS) | A Quick Guide for Traders

The Customs Declaration Service (CDS) is the government’s new customs platform. It is brought in to replace CHIEF as the main UK import and export system, but (unlike CHIEF) it has been designed to be able to keep pace with ever-evolving requirements, changes in regulations, and technology enhancements. CDS enables UK companies to submit import [...]

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