Customs Procedures Inward Processing

Customs Procedures | A quick guide to Inward Processing to delay or pay less duty on goods you import to process or repair

Introduction Inward processing enables imports of raw materials or semi-manufactured items to be processed for re-export within the UK, without the companies requiring to pay customs tax or VAT on the imported goods. There are two distinct ways; one permits suspension of the duty, while the other requires less or delayed payment. Authorisation Requirement by [...]

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Customs Valuation Methods

A Quick Guide to Customs Valuation Methods to Determine the Value of Goods while Filing Customs Declarations

Introduction Customs valuation is the process of determining the value of goods or commodities for Government taxation purposes.  The customs value serves as the foundation for the following activities: computing the customs duty, imposed as a percentage of the total worth of the products and is known as 'ad valorem' duty calculating the VAT on [...]

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